Current Property Developments

Loughborough Inner Relief Road

A public inquiry into the proposed road was held in October 2009. The full scheme comprises the completion of the Inner Relief Road from the end of Lemyngton Street and between the new Magistrates Court and the former Hospital site to rejoin the A6 at Barrow Street. This will allow the removal of through traffic from Swan Street and the creation of a pedestrian preference area which will link the two halves of the town centre and ease pedestrian flow between them. Southbound buses will be allowed to pass along High Street for an experimental period. Provision will also be made for two high quality “bus hubs” in Baxter Gate and Derby Square.

The Inner Relief Road was first promoted by the Borough Council in the Loughborough Local Plan. It has long been recognised as a key element in the town centre strategy. It will allow the creation of a more coherent town centre, greatly ease pedestrian movement and increase the attractiveness and development potential of key opportunity sites.

Current Status

As a result of the Government Spending Review, this scheme has been put back until at least late 2011 (November 2010).

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan

Current Status

Despite the hold up on the Inner Relief Road, work continues on the Town Centre Masterplan. Any proposals that come in will be matched against the vision set out in the Masterplan (November 2010)

Former Baxtergate Hospital site

A report to update Cabinet on the current position regarding the Baxtergate Hospital site was presented on 18/3/2010.

Current Status

No agreement has yet been reached between site owners as to its future development but discussions are continuing (November 2010).

Former General Hospital and Aumberry Gap Development Brief SPD

Loughborough Eastern Gateway (Mainline station)

Loughborough Eastern Gateway is the area of derelict land (former railway sidings) adjacent to the railway line and station between Meadow Lane and Nottingham Road. There has been a desire for many years to improve this important entrance to the town from the main railway station. After negotiations lasting many years, a final agreement has been reached and a start on this development has now been made (see Eastern Gateway design proposals as presented at local consultation).

The Plan includes:-

  • The construction of a new link road between Nottingham Road and Meadow Lane and 120 dwellings including 100 affordable units to the west of the station (planning permission for which was granted earlier this year).
  • A redevelopment of the station forecourt area to double existing car parking; the improvement of facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, buses and taxis, and the development of an area of commercial uses including a hotel, retail and office uses.

There are also plans to extend the platforms, improve station facilities and to provide disabled access by replacing the existing footbridge and installing lifts. Unfortunately the Government announced in November 2010 that the £400M plan to electrify the Midland Mainline would be put on hold.

This area is seen as one of the key sites within the Town Centre Masterplan.

Current Status

The “breaking the ground” ceremony has now taken place and work is underway on the site (November 2010.

AstraZeneca Charnwood

AstraZeneca announced that they intended to close the Loughborough R&D facility a year ago in March 2010 with the loss of 1200 direct employees. A task force including emda, the Borough Council, the local MP, Prospect Leicestershire and other partners was set up to address the economic consequences of the closure, which is due to be complete by the end of 2011. SQW were comissioned to prepare an . This concluded that it would cost the local economy about £20 - 30 million per year and as much as £45 million for the region as a whole. AstraZeneca itself has been holding discussions with potential new owners of the site. It has also been supporting employees to find new jobs and offering re-training and re-deployment opportunities. Biocity has been providing specialist support to encourage staff to set up their own companies and some good news stories of such ventures are now emerging. AstraZeneca Charnwood Closure response group (LinkedIn member group)

Greater Great Central Railway

It has long been the ambition of the Great Central Railway (GCR) to re-unite the northern and southern sections of the track between Ruddington on the southern edge of Nottingham and the northern edge of Leicester. A new company has been set up to raise the £15M needed to deliver the re-unification project. At present trains from Ruddington can connect with the main line at Loughborough but cannot reach the southern section of the GCR because of a missing bridge. The project to replace this bridge is called "Bridging the Gap" (site plan). This project would allow not only an extended heritage railway from Nottingham to Leicester but also would give commercial rail traffic from the southern section to access the Midland mainline. However the scope and cost of the work required is considerable, A full commercial feasibility study, financed by emda has now been carried out by specialist consultants Atkins and concludes that reuniting the two parts could bring major benefits to the area. After numerous setbacks (not least due to the significant cost of the project) there is now widespread support for taking the project forward. A bid for £2.5 million has been submitted to the Regional Growth Fund for work on bridging the gap. This bid was unsuccessful but the intention is still to press ahead with the project as soon as possible..

The recent announcement that the extension to the Nottingham Tram Network is now to go ahead will provide a boost for the GGCR project because the tram extension terminus in Clifton should eventually link up with the northern end of the GGCR.

Southfields Road (adjacent to Borough Council offices)

A proposal has been submitted to re-develop the site adjacent to Borough Council offices as a 112-bedroom Premier Inn hotel. Planning permission has now been granted for Saxondale Properties Ltd to build the six-storey hotel in time for the Olympics.

Current Status

Work underway (26/1/2011)

Former Magistrates’ Court

The Borough Council has re-developed the former Magistrates’ Court on Woodgate in Loughborough. In 2007, the court closed and a new one was built in Pinfold Gate. Thanks to a swap deal by Charnwood Borough Council, the local authority now own the old Magistrates Court. Part of the building will provide a new Council meeting chamber. The Charnwood Citizens Advice Bureau, Loughborough WEA and the Glebe House Project now occupy the remaining space.

Loughborough Wharf

The development of Loughborough Wharf is largely complete. A planning application (P/10/2819/2) has recently been submitted (registered January 2011) to build a Travelodge hotel on the last remaining part of the site.

Loughborough Echo report (6/1/2011)

Travelodge Planning Application approved (Leics. Mercury report; 5/3/2011)

Windmill Road, East Loughborough

A bid for ERDF funding to build a workspace focused on green technologies (the “Greenhouse” project) was not successful. However the Council has confirmed its support for the project and resolved to continue working with partners and funding agencies to explore future funding opportunities.

Current Status

Plans are fully developed but on hold pending availability of suitable funding (November 2010).

Shepshed Supermarkets

A major supermarket chain has applied to build a 1000 sq. m. store on Charnwood Road. This follows the creation of a Tesco Express store, also on Charnwood Road.

Leicester Mercury coverage (15/1/2011)

Dishley Grange

Dishley Grange Employment Area, just off the A6 in Loughborough, is finally going ahead. The site is allocated within the Charnwood Local Plan for B1/B2/B8 industrial, warehouse and office purposes and wilkl cover some 25 acres. William Davis Properties has submitted a planning application for 400,000 sq.ft. of employment-based buildings (B1/B8 industrial, warehouse and office buildings from 5,000 sq.ft. to 300,000 sq.ft.).

This strategic site is located on the northern outskirts of Loughborough within 15 minutes of the M1 Motorway (J23 & 24).

Loughborough University and Science Park

Loughborough Science Park is already one of the largest in the UK but now has plans for a major expansion on land adjacent to the University. This will reinforce the reputation of Loughborough as a centre for R&D and advanced technology & manufacturing. The Council will be producing a topic paper setting out for discussion a core policy on the Science Park Phase 2. This will then supersede the existing Development plan Document (DPD) of 2006.

Other Development Projects on the University Campus

Rothley Lodge

The Leicester Paper Company (LPC) currently occupies most of this site. However there is now an opportunity for companies to acquire parts of the remainder of the site which occupies an excellent strategic position at the junction of the A6 Quorn by-pass, close to A6 / M1 junction 21A. It is advertised for office / production / warehouse space (10,000 sq.ft. to 250,000 sq.ft.)

Hallam Fields, Birstall

Planning permission is now being sought for Phase 2 of the Hallam Fields development (Application no. P/10/2187/2 (registered in October 2010). This involves erection of a further 111 dwellings and associated landscaping, highway and open spaces.

Local Development Framework – Core Strategy

Current Status

Work on the Local Development Framework is progressing and further consultation is expected early in 2011 (November 2010).