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Business Surveys

Twice yearly surveys of business confidence

Labour Market

For the different parts of Charnwood…

Charnwood's Jobs Density (no of jobs per head of resident population) is very low compared to other areas, suggesting that it is supplying labour to the surrounding cities. The analysis by Parliamentary constituency (above) suggests that this is even true for Loughborough. Its jobs density is extremely low compared to other university towns and cities.

Economic Performance

The last report on Charnwood's economic performance to be officially released was published in 2006. This report by consultants ECOTEC compared its economic performance with that back in 2004. Various other reports have shed light on its economy, including the UK Business Competitiveness Index. Another indication was provided by the Local Authority Business Growth Initiative (which measured the economy by the gross business rates collected); this is a better measure of economic scale than a crude measure of the total number of businesses. The NOMIS labour market survey which is updated regularly gives a good overview of the local economy. A comprehensive report (2010) on Charnwood's economic status and an updated economic strategy were prepared on the basis of data before the recession. A report by the University of Lincoln on secondary centres (towns and settlements other than the major cities) across the East Midlands region enables a comparison to be made with other places in the County and Region.


Reports on skills in Leicestershire and skills in Charnwood

Latest figures on skills show that Charnwood (line 118) had the highest skills levels in Leicestershire and is one of the top three in the region. Over 60% of people have NVQ level 3 skills and over 35% have Level 4 skills.


Monthly unemployment figures for Leicestershire Districts


Deprivation data and maps for Leicestershire, the City, Districts and Rutland. Includes comparison of new 2010 data with figures for 2007 and 2004; allows search by different geogrpahical boundaries (LSR-Online)

Access to Services

Access to services such as GP Surgeries, Dentists, Opticians, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, FE Colleges, Supermarkets, Employment Centres, Libraries, Post Offices, Leisure Centres, County Council Service Points and Childcare Day Nurseries across Leicestershire (LSR-Online)


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