Health & Safety

Managing Health and Safety is a key responsibility for both employers and employees.


Information on rights and responsibilities related to health and safety, stress, accidents in the workplace and more health and safety information

Responsibility for enforcement is split between the Local Authority and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Charnwood Borough Council's Environmental Health Services enforces health and safety legislation in certain types of work places in the Borough. It inspects workplaces, investigates accidents and cases of ill health, enforces good standards, usually by providing advice, but sometimes by ordering improvements to be made (if necessary, by prosecution), distributes health and safety information (e.g. leaflets and regular newsletters) and answer queries.



Health and Safety Policy, Operation and Assessment

Health and Safety Information / Legislation and its Enforcement

Too many people use health and safety as an excuse to hide behind, the Chair of the Health and Safety Executive has warned.

The health and safety regulations that do apply depend upon the nature of the business.

The Commercial Group at Charnwood Borough Council have produced a Health and Safety Handbook which has been distributed to low risk businesses in the Borough where they no longer form part of the proactive inspection programme.The Borough Council has identified a number of key health and safety priorities:-