Investing In Charnwood

Why Choose Charnwood for your Business?

There are many reasons for locating your business in Charnwood, such as the excellent transport infrastructure, high quality of life, excellent business properties, strong business support networks and the very large high-quality potential labour force that can be drawn upon.

  • For full details about why you should choose Charnwood as a base for your business, please visit the Locations4Business web site

Charnwood, home to 165,000 people, with around 55,000 living in Loughborough, is situated at the centre of the three cities triangle of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, all of which are within easy reach (30 mins). Whilst Loughborough, located at Junction 23 of the M1, is a market town, it also has one of the country's top ten universities, giving it a vibrancy not usually found outside the cities.

It has excellent transport links by road, rail and air to all parts of the country. Businesses or organisations that are looking for a central base should consider not only Loughborough but also South Charnwood, which borders Leicester City but can also offer good road access and easy parking. Similarly nearly 850,000 economically people aged 16-74 can drive to a job in South Charnwood in 45 minutes. It also has excellent ICT connectivity. Much of the area is already connected via high speed fibre optic cable and BT is converting the Quorn exchange to fibre optic shortly.

Over 4 million people live within a one hour drive (equivalent to the population of the entire East Midlands). It has more people skilled to all NVQ levels than the county, regional and national averages. Its proximity to EMA (East Midlands Airport),which is the UK express freight hub for many global distribution operations as well as a hub for UK road freight (nearly 90% of England and Wales lies within a 4 hour truck journey from Charnwood), gives particular advantages to companies who choose to locate in Charnwood.

Labour Market Information

Loughborough and Charnwood have an almost unique advantage as a business location due to the situation right at the heart of the three cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. Because of its excellent communications by road and rail, it is also commutable from other major towns and cities. Consequently the potential labour market within a 45 minute travel time is huge (1.25 million economically active people (16-74) for Loughborough and 850,000 for South Charnwood). It has direct fast rail services from each of the three cities (as well as London, Birmingham, etc.) and the M1, M69 and A50M links give a wide range of driveable locations.

Its strong tradition of education at both FE and HE level means that specialist expertise and training are readily available. Its residents have higher than average skills at all levels.

Support for Inward Investment

Charnwood Borough Council works closely with Prospect Leicestershire, the inward investment agency for Leicester and Leicestershire. They provide a free confidential business relocation advisory service for companies considering Leicester and Leicestershire as a business location and also work with existing investors looking to relocate or expand within the city and county. Prospect Leicestershire can assist with establishing businesses in the area by:

  • Working with a company to define their location needs
  • Undertaking specific research to support individual relocations
  • Providing the latest comprehensive information on sites and premises
  • Arranging personal tours of the area to explore the different opportunities
  • Liaising with professional intermediaries including recruitment and training advisers

Why Choose Leicestershire?

World Changing Charnwood

Charnwood is a place that many people have never heard of, but it is one that has repeatedly changed the course of history.

From the first signs of life on earth in Charnwood Forest, from the start of the agricultural revolution at Robert Bakewell's Dishley Farm and Luddites and the industrial revolution, Thomas Cook's first tourism package tour to its current world leading technology, Charnwood and Loughborough have made history, and are still doing so.

Charnwood - Changing the way we work, rest and play...

Relocation Information Packs

Summary of Useful Information

  • Transport Infrastructure
    Information on the road, rail and air communication links enjoyed by Charnwood
  • Business Properties
    This section details the Council's own units & some Private Sector developments and units. A number of employment land studies have been carried out in recent years at both County and District level. See link for more details
  • New Opportunity Sites and Major Developments
    This section details some of the recent commercial and industrial developments as well as future developments
  • Grants and Funding
    Details and information on funding sources can be found here as well as an online searchable database. In general, Charnwood does not qualify for selective cash inducements to attract new businesses but if it is a major relocation it is worth talking to us about what help can be provided.
  • Facts and Figures
    Includes information on the local labour market as well as wider facts and figures
  • Business Networks
    This section provides information on business support and local, regional and national networks