Business Regulation & Licensing

Numerous types of business are subject to regulation, usually because of the potential impact that they have on the public. The regulation can take different forms, licensing inspection, etc. and various bodies may be responsible for regulation. It may be the local authority (District or County), the Health and Safety Executive, etc. If you export or import goods, then these will also be subject to separate regulations.

If you are not sure whether you need a licence, permit, etc. please follow the link for your type of business. This gives specific advice; summaries of licences, regulations, British and European standards and contacts for your business sector. It also lists trade bodies with expertise about your area of business. Permits, licences and guidance by environmental topic (NetRegs Government web site)

You can create your own personalised regulation checklist allowing you to see at a glance the regulations that apply to your business (Business Link toolkit). Follow recent changes in regulation affecting small companies.

The County Council Trading Standards Service offers an update on recent legislation changes

Various activities are controlled by the Borough Council through Licensing and Regulation. These include

  • acupuncture; tattooing; body piercing; electrolysis,
  • alcohol; gambling; entertainment premises; amusements; sex establishments
  • street collections; house to house collections; lotteries;
  • animal boarding; control of dangerous animals; dog breeding; pet shops; riding establishments
  • food businesses
  • Hackney Carriage (taxi) vehicles and drivers and private hire vehicles, drivers and operation
  • street cafes; street trading (food and non-food); market stalls;
  • scrap metal and motor vehicle salvage

Follow the link to download any required licence application forms