Selling to the Council and Public Sector

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Charnwood Borough Council

Charnwood Borough Council Contracts for £25,000.00 and above are advertised in Source Leicestershire and our contract register are the sites to visit for information on new contracts in Charnwood, Leicestershire and Rutland. You will also find a list of recurring contracts which you may be able to bid for in future. So make sure you keep an eye on these contracts too because they could provide long-term stability for your business.

Charnwood Borough Council expects to spend approximately £30 million on a range of goods and services from third parties. This guide has been created to encourage existing and potential suppliers to tender for our business, where you feel you can offer the best value. We are always interested in suppliers who can offer new and innovative solutions that will maximise the potential of our resources and help us succeed to achieve in delivering high quality, efficient public services.

Why work with Charnwood Borough Council?

  • Considerable public sector spend, the expected spend per year is approximately £30 million, meaning regular and lucrative contracts.
  • We are a financially stable organisation and prompt payers
  • We have a legal duty to be fair, honest and professional in our choice of suppliers and subsequent treatment of them
  • We are keen to work with a broad range of suppliers
  • To promote environmentally sound and non-discriminatory approach to supply
  • Opportunities to get involved in exciting projects that you unable to find elsewhere
  • We are keen to support the local economy and businesses, and are keen to promote partnerships where appropriate

What do we buy?

We buy a wide variety of goods and services, including specialist goods and services:

  • Works for carrying out building or engineering works for the Council
  • Supply of any goods or materials to the Council
  • The provision of any services (including research, professional or consultancy services) to the Council

We currently have over 2,500 suppliers, both big and small companies and organisations. Listed below are some of the commonly purchased goods and services that Charnwood Borough Council makes.

  • Office stationery, equipment and consumables
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Lease of Vehicles
  • Agency staff
  • Energy- electricity, gas and fuel oils
  • Courier services
  • Furniture
  • Printing, publicity materials and advertising

Our Works department are responsible for the purchasing of:

  • Building repairs- Maintenance and materials

How do we buy?

There are four methods through which the Borough Council buys goods & services

  • Direct contracts (for small orders)
  • Tenders (procedures vary depending upon the size of the contracts and according to financial thresholds see threshhold table) including Framework contracts
  • Through ESPO, the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation
    ESPO is essentially a purchasing organisation that we often use to purchase goods and services on our behalf. ESPO is a joint committee of Local Authorities and operates within the Local Government (Goods and Services) Act 1970.
  • Through Constructionline when tendering for construction related works.
    This is the UK’s register of Local and National Construction related suppliers, all of whom are pre-qualified to work for the public and private sector buyer. By using Constructionline Charnwood Borough Council eliminates the need to issue Pre-qualification documentation when tendering for construction related works.

We do NOT use approved lists of suppliers.

Along with a large number of Local Authorities we use Construction line as a means to identify pre qualified suppliers in construction related industries.

If your organisation is not a member of Construction line we would strongly recommend that you join which will enable your organisation to be a pre qualified supplier to a very large number of Government contracts.

A list of invoices (available in PDF and CVS format) that Charnwood Borough Council has paid with a value greater than £500.00 can be found by clicking on the link below:

Charnwood Borough Council Procurement Rules and Contracts

This section provides details of the frameworks which influence how Charnwood Borough Council buys its goods, works and services. The rules and procedures change according to the size of the contract. Financial thresholds apply. Charnwood works within the regulatory framework provided by EU and UK Law, Central Government initiatives and our own Finance and Contract Procedure Rules.

Selling to the Government

National information on Contracts for Suppliers and Buyers

Contracts Finder: This is a free new service for businesses, central government buyers and the public.

The website also offers information about public sector procurement and tendering processes.

Supplying Government :Supplying Government is the new opportunities portal for lower-value contracts - supporting UK businesses (especially SMEs) to tender for government opportunities

SMEs are the main employers in the EU but in the context of globalisation have tended to lose out when it comes to government business. However, governments across the EU now recognise the crucial role SMEs can play in stimulating local economies, encouraging socio-economic inclusion and delivering greater innovation and efficiency in the public sector.

European Tender Opportunities

All contracts over a certain size (current values) offered by public sector have to be advertised via the OJEU web site. You can use the Tenders Direct web site to receive alerts about forthcoming OJEU tender calls in your chosen fields of business. Tenders Direct contains all the tenders and contract awards published in the Official Journal or OJEU which are issued by government and utility companies.

Charnwood Borough Council’s Procurement Strategy

Purpose of the Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to communicate the Council’s vision for the way forward in its procurement of all goods, works and services to all staff, suppliers, partners and stakeholders. It sets out the link between the Council’s priorities and procurement and the future development of the procurement function.

Definition of procurement

The National Procurement Strategy for Local Government in England published in October 2003 defined procurement as:

“The process of acquiring goods, works and services, covering both acquisition from third parties and from in-house providers. The process spans the whole cycle from identification of needs, through to the end of a service contract or the end of the useful life of an asset. It involves option appraisal and the critical “make or buy” decision which may result in the provision of services in-house in appropriate circumstances”

Aims of Charnwood Borough Council’s Procurement Strategy

  • To set out a clear framework for procurement throughout the authority, which reflects the Council’s plans and priorities
  • To assist the Council in achieving value for money through cost effective and efficient services
  • To provide a focus for all staff involved in procurement to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement activity
  • To secure commitment to effective procurement from Members and Officers at all levels within the Council
  • To set out an action plan for the future development of the procurement function

For more information about the National Procurement Strategy for Local Government, follow the link below.


e- procurement is one of the objectives laid out by the National Procurement Strategy for Local Government

What does e-procurement mean?

E-procurement is simply electronic purchasing, the buying of goods and services electronically from third parties. E-procurement is a high on most authority’s agenda in an effort to further improve commercial relationships and increase efficiency in the purchasing and payment processes. E-procurement does not necessarily require new or high levels of technology.

What is Charnwood Borough Council doing to move towards e-procurement?

We are currently looking to further develop e-procurement methods in our procurement unit. We have already taken some steps towards implementing a fully electronic system of procurement. The most recent step that has been taken is the upgrade of our financial management system. Currently we are able to send internal electronic requisitions and create orders and goods received in a paperless manner. For procurement projects in excess of OJEU threshholds we use an electronic suite of documents to manage the procurement process.