ICT, Data Protection, Websites and E-business


Even businesses that trade only locally can gain an advantage from having a web site, especially if you don't have a prominent high street location. It raises your profile locally and much wider. The rationale of this Charnwood Business site is that a small company can create a web presence and have its own web pages without going to the expense of a full web site. However we would encourage companies to progress to their own site; there are plenty of local companies able to offer design and hosting of business web sites.

Advice from Business Link on web sites. Includes advice on choosing an Internet Service Provider, ensuring that people find your site, etc.

Computer Network and Web Site Security

Computer networks and network security - advice from Business Link. This also offers advice on how to develop an information security policy. The Get Safe Online web site offers a range of advice on protecting your computer networks and information. Advice on choosing technology to suit your business needs.

Data Protection and Freedom of Information

The use of computers to store information about customers and suppliers means that companies must observe the Data Protection Act. The Information Commissioner's Office web site provides full information and advice about your obligations as a business. The key requirements of the Act are that you must:

  • only collect information that you need for a specific purpose;
  • keep it secure;
  • ensure it is relevant and up to date;
  • only hold as much as you need, and only for as long as you need it; and
  • allow the subject of the information to see it on request.

Among your responsibilities, you must ensure that your employees' personal details are respected and properly protected. It includes a quick guide to the Employment Practices Code that is ideal for small businesses.

The Freedom of Information Act does not usually apply to private sector companies but can do so if the company is a subsidiary of, or owned by a public organisation.

Online Business and e-Commerce

Internet Selling is one of the fastest expanding areas of business today - as it offers a whole world of markets for your products. Your County Trading Standards Service offers FREE advice to new or existing e-businesses, to help you to find your way through the maze of legislation governing this type of selling. You can get in touch on 0116 265 8000 and at trading-standards@leics.gov.uk to discuss how best to develop your e-venture.

Business Link offers an e-business programme that is helpful to both new and existing businesses who wish to start trading online

The eBusiness Club is your virtual support network created to help you make the best use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to boost your business performance. You'll find information, events, workshops and advice on topics like planning a website, online marketing, social media, e-commerce, security, wireless and mobile working to help take the confusion out of ICT and help you to maximise the benefits of ICT increase productivity.